Comanche Solar

120 MW (AC) project located in Pueblo, CO.

Comanche Solar
Pueblo, CO Size: 120 MW (AC) Utility-Scale Active


The Comanche Solar project was selected by Xcel Energy through a competitive bid process to supply the majority of its solar generation portfolio. The project was found to be more cost effective than natural gas on a dollar per megawatt hour basis. Comanche Solar is one of the largest solar projects east of the Rockies.

PHOTO CREDIT: Construction Contractor, RES America Construction Inc.

Comanche Solar has been online since 2016.

Community Benefits

  • Makes solar energy a cost-effective choice for large energy users and delivers significant environmental benefits.
  • Generates enough energy to power more than 31,000 homes.
  • Reduces CO2 by 3.5 million tons over a 25-year lifecycle.