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For as little as $5.00 per month, all NYSEG service territory families and businesses have the opportunity to “Catch the Wind!” and support the development of clean, renewable wind energy – it’s easy!.

100% NewWind Energy® available in ‘blocks’ of 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh)
$2.50 per 100 kWh block

When you sign up, a portion of your electricity will be powered by pollution-free wind energy. Your wind energy charge will appear right on your monthly NYSEG electricity bill and you are ensured the same quality and reliable service as always.

Together we can make a difference! Those who sign up for pollution-free wind energy support the development of clean, endless wind energy right here in New York State. That choice means cleaner air, greater energy independence and a more secure energy future for everyone.

Additional Info:

Please note: There is a 2-block minimum purchase. Cost is in ADDITION to your current electric bill and is paid monthly. Six blocks supports 100% wind power for the average home (600 kWh). Check your monthly usage to see how much it would take for you to purchase 100% NewWind Energy.

Questions: Call us at 1.866.946.3123.

Signing up for NewWind Energy is easy!

Simply click the sign up button above to complete the enrollment process. You will be redirected to NYSEG’s website.