Community Energy Core Values

Our Core Values Guide Our Work and Decision-Making Every Day

Relationships are paramount
With our customers, landowners, investors, vendors, partners and colleagues, we know that building relationships based on mutual trust and respect is the foundation of our success. There are no shortcuts when it comes to having important conversations that lead to common understanding, especially when navigating the challenges of renewable energy development.

Sense of urgency
Success in solar development is highly correlated with speed to market. Community Energy has been winning races for two decades by prioritizing action, agility, efficiency and driving to results.

Wear it deeply
Solar development isn’t just a day job for the Community Energy team. We are passionate in our commitment to clean energy deployment and we’re all ready to do what it takes to succeed for the company, our colleagues, people and the planet. Our dedication to our mission and the company runs deep.

Greater good
We elevate team success above individual accolades, which means we set our egos aside, always ready to lend a helping hand to our colleagues. We make decisions focused on the right thing to do for the company, our customers and partners, the success of our projects and our mission.

Persist and solve
Solar development isn’t easy. Whether we are facing project design challenges, regulatory changes or market disruptions, or any number of other trials, we work together to solve problems creatively with a focus on win-win solutions.