Bear Creek  Wind Farm Cropped


Community Energy has been leading renewable energy development since its founding in 1999. By initiating and expanding the voluntary market for renewable energy, Community Energy leveraged consumer choice to build demand for new wind projects. When Community Energy was founded in 1999, there were less than 10 megawatts of operating wind farms east of the Mississippi. By 2006, Community Energy was the exclusive marketer of wind power from 7 wind farms, generating over 198 megawatts. By 2009 there were over 2,000 megawatts extending from West Virginia to Maine*.


Community Energy developed and remains a part Featured NJowner of two innovative wind projects in the Northeast:

Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm

Bear Creek Wind Farm


Benefiting the Community

Farmers and property owners who lease their land for wind farms enjoy a steady income and experience little or no disturbance to grazing routines or farming operations. Towns and communities benefit from a larger tax base, which supports schools and local infrastructure. The development and operation of the wind project creates temporary construction jobs and long-term management jobs.

"Having four wind turbines on our land has been exciting. They are beautiful, silent, and our cattle can still use the vast majority of the land. Folks occasionally stop by to admire the windmills and ask for information. It's nice to have an extra income source, and being a part of clean, local energy production makes us proud."

Bob and Tomalee Will
Landowners, Somerset, PA