On-Site Solar

Leading the Way

Community Energy On-Site Solar is meeting the demand for clean energy with new on-site solar energy projects that deliver emission-free electricity directly to our customers. Together with our customers and partners, we are advancing the deployment of renewable energy.

On-site commercial solar power

On-Site Solar Development

Community Energy On-Site Solar provides a solar power option with no upfront costs to commercial and institutional customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Community Energy Solar builds long-term relationships by creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Community Energy’s market experience, local relationships and expertise in voluntary renewable energy markets combines for the most reliable source of high quality solar development projects.

For more information about on-site solar opportunities for your business or organization, contact David Krupp at 1.866.946.3123 or David.Krupp@CommunityEnergyInc.com.

Community Energy On-Site Solar Projects:

Eastern University
Smith College