Celebrate with us at the party as we “Turn the Power On” at our Community Energy Solar @ Temple University project. Join us in building more solar and celebrating the first in Philadelphia!

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Community Energy Solar at Temple University, the first and largest community solar project in Philadelphia built without state subsidy.

Electric customers led by Temple University built this project by buying electricity from Community Energy.  Temple stepped up with a twenty-year electricity purchase agreement, and more than 1500 residential electric customers switched to Community Energy as their electric supplier to make this happen.  At Community Energy we get to do the fun part, invest those electricity dollars to build new, state-of–the-art solar like we did here, which is the only way to make a difference on climate change.

This is a new business model --  exciting from both a business perspective and a climate perspective, because there is no limit on what we can build when individual customers follow the lead of a leading university like Temple.  Residents in the Philadelphia region can now choose the “Solar Builder” electricity at the same cost as the PECO rate but have their utility margin invested in building new solar like this project.   By doing so, residents who cannot put solar on their roof tops, or afford a premium clean energy product, can still take  real action to stop Climate Change now and educate the next generation so they can do even more…..all at the cost of conventional electricity.

This project is the result of just smart thinking, and Temple deserves credit for leading the way.



Thursday, January 23rd, 2014, 11AM - 12PM


Temple University's Edberg-Olson Hall "Owls Nest" Press Event Space, on 10th and Diamond Streets, Philadelphia, PA


Join us for a morning of festivities:

"Turn The Power On" party, marching band/spirit squads, solar learning stations, and a kick-off speaker. Plus, a full hot chocolate bar with unlimited toppings! ... More details to follow!


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As you and your neighbors buy more we will build more solar projects like this.

Join us and become a SOLAR BUILDER, today!