Take Control of Your Energy Future.


The Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network knows that climate change is upon us and we must act now. SSBN has joined Pennsylvania clean energy leader, Community Energy, in an effort to switch residents to clean energy across the Commonwealth, by choosing 100% locally-generated Pennsylvania Wind and Solar Power. Vote with your energy dollar to halt climate change, not advance it.

Community Energy is the only PA-based clean energy supplier that is comprehensively changing climate change for Pennsylvania by sourcing from projects they helped build in the state.


6MW Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA

6MW Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA

Why Choose Community Energy:

  • We actively build new wind & solar generation with every new customer
  • Your commitment supports the education of the next generation of clean energy leaders
  • Create a positive change in climate change
  • Choosing Community Energy is something you can do TODAY


PPL Territory Offers

VARIABLE RATE: 13.29 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

100% Wind and Solar: 99% PA Wind, 1% Solar from the Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA

SOLAR BUILDER: 8.44 cents/kWh (Flexible Rate, Month-to-Month)

Let's Build Solar Together.

* No introductory fee, No cancellation fee, No binding contract, Rates subject to market conditions.


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