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PennFuture and Community Energy have worked together for over a decade, creating the programs and policies that built the wind and solar farms that have made our state a leader in clean energy. Now you can join the thousands of others who are making this possible, by choosing 100% locally-generated Pennsylvania wind and solar power. Vote with your energy dollar to halt climate change, not advance it.

Community Energy is the only PA-based clean energy supplier that is comprehensively changing climate change for Pennsylvania.


Build more solar.»

We are the only clean energy supplier that actually builds, owns, and operates clean energy projects. The more customers that choose Community Energy, the more clean energy we will continue to build in the commonwealth.

Community Energy:

  • Led PA wind development back in the early 2000s with the help of 40,000 other customers like you
  • Developed the Bear Creek and Locust Ridge wind farms
  • Created and influenced the programs and policies in PA while breaking into new, difficult and untapped markets
  • Built the largest customer solar farm in PA in 2012, the Keystone Solar Project, in Lancaster County
Community Energy's 6MW Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA

Community Energy’s 6MW Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA

Provide solar curriculum for the next generation of clean energy leaders.»

This is our altruistic online energy education tool made available to any individual or child to learn about clean energy. Your energy dollar makes this charitable contribution possible and is a step toward a future with less climate change deniers.

Community Energy wants a future with less climate change deniers.

We provide clean energy education that is available to not just our customers, but anyone who wants access, because it’s the right thing to do. Community Energy is completing the puzzle by providing interactive, hands-on activities on how energy is used and produced. Visit our Clean Energy Explorers site which is linked after you enroll!

Community Energy developed and led solar curriculum through a platform called PRAXIS in leading universities across Pennsylvania, and is using that expertise and success to move forward with the Clean Energy Explorers energy education site.

Change Climate Change, TODAY!»

Choosing Community Energy is something you can do TODAY to create a positive change in climate change, and it only takes a minute.



PPL: 13.29 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

PECO: 13.79 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

Duquesne Light: 12.87 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

West Penn: 11.99 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

100% Wind and Solar: 99% PA Wind, 1% Solar from the Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA


PPL: 8.03 cents/kWh (Flexible Rate, Month-to-Month)

PECO: 7.83 cents/kWh (Flexible Rate, Month-to-Month)

Let's Build Solar Together.


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