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We have a twenty-year track record of providing reliable, competitive renewable energy projects that meet your energy and sustainability goals. We shaped large-scale wind development in the Eastern U.S. and led the growth of solar nationally. Community Energy has developed and financed 2.7 GW of renewable energy projects across the country, including 1.9 GW of solar power. Community Energy anticipates, originates and develops competitively advantaged solar plus storage projects. We continue to drive each new chapter of clean energy development forward.

Our offsite Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) provide fixed electricity rates for up to 30 years, limit exposure to energy market volatility and reduce operating budget risk without a capital commitment.

We provide grid-connected solar, wind and storage projects at the scale necessary to meet sustainability and energy demands of utilities and large electric customers.

Our long-term relationships attest to our integrity and deep understanding of energy market conditions and evolutionary technologies. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our projects, what remains consistent is our team’s attention to detail, commitment to collaboration and capacity to take on risk.

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As the scale of the climate challenge becomes evident, utilities, companies and municipalities are challenged to more quickly adopt clean, renewable energy technologies to power their operations. Our reliable and cost-effective projects provide economic answers to that challenge for energy providers, Fortune 500 companies, cities and communities.

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Fluctuating energy costs, ambitious clean energy targets and evolving public preferences are driving companies and communities alike to find economic options to decarbonize the energy used in daily operations.

We have been working alongside leading companies and communities to ignite clean energy markets for twenty years, and our customer base is as diverse as the reasons for investing in carbon-free electricity. As a clean energy project developer, we serve investors, utilities, corporations, universities, small businesses and residents, ensuring a renewable energy investment will be impactful and financially viable.

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Community Energy projects are carbon-free. Our renewable energy installations reduce air pollution and offset thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. As the scale of the climate challenge comes into focus, cities, companies and communities across the U.S. are taking the initiative to decarbonize the infrastructure that citizens rely on in their everyday lives.

Depending on the average number of sunny days in a region, a 100 MW solar installation will offset anywhere from 109,500 tons of CO2 to 127,750 tons annually. In total, our 2,000 megawatts of renewable energy projects produce enough energy to power more than 253,000 homes per year.

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