Solar panels & solar leasing in Dover, DE: Benefits & Options

What are the advantages of solar panels in Dover, Delaware? This article takes a look at some of the benefits of going solar in Dover and also touches on one of the most important questions that a Dover resident considering solar power would need to consider: Whether to opt to purchase their system or to choose a solar leasing deal.

Solar panels in Dover, DE: The benefits

There are 2 main reasons that people choose to go solar: To save money on their power bills, and to do their part for the environment.

How solar panels can save Dover households money

Power bill savings are the main driver of solar power system uptake across the nation, and Dover is no exception. Solar panel installations are now more affordable than ever, thanks to market factors & technology advancements as well as federal and state incentives for renewable energy. Once installed, a solar system will save its owner (or lessee) money by 1) generating electricity at lower rates than available through utilities and 2) earning them credits on their power bills for the solar electricity that they ‘export’ to the power grid. By default, the electricity generated by solar systems flows first into the appliances of the home/building they are connected to; if there is any excess power it then automatically flows into the electricity grid.

Doing your part to make Dover’s electricity mix just a small bit greener

Electricity mix for Dover, DE. (Graph via

Electricity mix for Dover, DE. (Graph via

The electricity delivered to the average Dover household (which isn’t signed up for a green power program) comes mainly from nuclear and coal plants. Natural gas also contributes, but only a small amount. Hydropower & other renewables follow up the rear. If possible, most households would prefer not to rely on electricity from the non-renewable sources that are the mainstay of power generation in the US. Going solar allows households to ‘vote with their dollar’ as well as increase their energy independence.

Solar panels in Dover: To lease or to purchase?

Advantages of solar leasing

Solar Lease SavingsSolar leasing deals have taken the US solar market by storm, making it easier than ever for homes to install solar panels on their roofs. The image to the right illustrates how they operate. Simply put, a solar lease is an arrangement where a 3rd party organization installs panels on a roof at no or very little cost to the homeowner–they also own & maintain the system. The solar leasing company then sells the power to the household at a rate that is lower than what the would ordinarily pay for electricity from the grid. The home must still purchase some of their electricity from the grid, but the overall effect is reduced energy costs thanks to the cheap solar power. It’s a clear win-win situation for both the solar leasing company and the household.

Advantages of solar system purchase

There are currently numerous federal government, state government & utility-specific incentives for going solar across the country. This fact, combined with the plummeting cost of solar power installations, makes it a great time to purchase a system. Those who have the capital to invest in a system will see payback periods as low as 5-7 years. Solar systems have an expected lifespan of 25+ years, which means that after the payoff point the home will continue to produce its own, free electricity for around another 20 years (possibly more).