Millersville University Makes a Commitment to PA Solar Power

Joins Sponsors of Keystone Solar: The Largest Solar Project in Pennsylvania

Radnor, PA, July 2012 – Millersville University has committed to purchase solar power from Community Energy’s Keystone Solar Project that is under construction now in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. As the country and state move toward a clean energy future, sponsorship of the Keystone Solar Project highlights Millersville’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Millersville University was included in The Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges. “This achievement shows how hard Millersville University has been working in an effort to go green,” said Roger Bruszewski, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Millersville University has a university-wide initiative to reduce its carbon footprint by 10%. The University has taken many steps toward this goal and is well on its way to reaching it. Purchasing Keystone Solar is one further step toward reaching this carbon abatement goal.

”Millersville University is pleased to participate in the Keystone Solar project with Community Energy,” said Roger Bruszewski, Vice President for Finance and Administration. “We are particularly excited about the educational enrichment opportunity for Millersville students that Community Energy has developed.”

“Millersville University has been a renewable energy leader for many years. Voluntary purchases of renewable energy like the one Millersville made today help grow the demand for new clean energy. Solar power is the most environmentally-friendly source of energy in the world, we hope that more Universities join with Millersville to accelerate the development of solar power at scale as this purchase does.” said Tom Tuffey, Vice President of Community Energy.

This purchase goes beyond simply reducing the University’s carbon footprint. It is also about supporting and building new, local renewable energy. The purchase will support solar in Pennsylvania where regulatory demand has stalled.

The Keystone Solar Project is a 6 megawatt (DC) ground-mounted solar project that will produce approximately 8,000 MWh of electricity annually, the equivalent of powering 950 homes. Community Energy is the developer of the Keystone Solar Project and is working in partnership with Exelon Generation, the wholesale off-taker on the project. Millersville University joins Clean Air Council, Franklin & Marshall College, and Eastern University as a project sponsor.

As part of the sponsorship commitment, Millersville University will have access to “Building Keystone Solar” an online course designed to invite students and professors behind the scenes of the real-world solar project development process with in-depth videos, documents, designs and plans not otherwise available in the classroom. “Building Keystone Solar” is being developed to help expand experiential learning on campus and create pathways to careers in Renewable Energy for university students. An example of the course modules include: Solar 101, Environmental/Earth Sciences, Technology, and Construction. Community Energy is proud to offer Pennsylvania’s largest utility-scale solar project as a real-time teaching tool to Keystone sponsors. The materials will also feature explanations of renewable energy career paths from professionals in the field. Future graduates of Millersville University will have a greater renewable energy IQ as well as greater knowledge and competitive edge in career paths available to them in this growing global energy field.

About Community Energy, Inc.

Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) has been leading renewable energy development since its founding in 1999. By launching the market for direct sales of renewable energy to retail electric customers, CEI first leveraged electric choice to build demand for new renewable projects, and went on to deliver wind energy at significant scale. In 2009, CEI expanded into solar project development, focusing on solar generation at both utility and customer scale in advancing solar markets. CEI continues to lead the industry by offering the full economic and environmental advantages of solar and wind energy to its array of customers and utility partners. Company projects include the Bear Creek Wind Farm, a 24 megawatt project in built in 2006 in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains and a 7.8 megawatt Vineland Solar Project in the City of Vineland, NJ. For more information, visit

About Millersville University

Millersville University was founded as a beacon of academic opportunity over 150 years ago. Today’s Millersville University is one of the most highly regarded public universities in its region of the United States; committed to the ideals of teacher training and classical learning as essential components of public education and enlightened citizenship. As an academic institution, Millersville University has earned its place among U.S. News & World Report’s top 10 public universities in the North and is recognized for its academic excellence in Martin Nemko’s book How to Get an Ivy League Education at a State University.

The campus is located at 1 South George St. Millersville, PA 17551. Millersville enrolls about 8,700 students in its undergraduate and graduate programs. Visit:

Contacts: Tom Tuffey (610) 745-0651
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