Green power providers in New York state – Why CEI?

Why should you look into getting green power in New York state? As awareness grows of the environmental impact that their electricity usage has, more and more homes and businesses in New York are making the switch to a green power supplier to ‘do the right thing’ and help their state move away from dirtier fuels. This article examines New York state’s current energy mix and also looks at the reasons that NY residents have been switching to clean energy providers like Community Energy.

New York state’s electricity mix: Where does it come from?

NY state electricity generation mix

New York City electricity generation mix. (Via

Like most states, New York’s electricity comes from a mix of generation sources, and depending on where you live the mix will vary. If you live in NYC, for example around 96% of the electricity delivered to your home comes mainly from gas and nuclear power (see table at left). If you live further upstate (in Albany, for example), the mix includes a bit more hydro power, less gas & nuclear, and more coal. Non-hydro renewable energy sources (including wind and solar power) contribute only a tiny percentage of generation in both locations.

All of these non-renewable, conventional fuel sources have their share of issues for environmentally conscious households and businesses. Coal, as we have noted previously in an article about Pennsylvania’s electricity generation, is the dirtiest and most CO2-intensive electricity source in the world–and is also the most prolific. Gas, while admittedly less CO2-intensive when used as a fuel, is still a contributor to climate change. Additionally, the recent natural gas ‘boom’ is mainly thanks to advances in technologies for extracting shale gas–most notably, ‘fracking’. Use of fracking in order to access shale gas deposits has been associated with groundwater pollution and may also result in methane gas leakage–further exacerbating the climate impacts that this fuel source has. (Read more about the impacts of shale gas.)

Albany, NY electricity generation mix. (Via

Albany, NY electricity generation mix. (Via

Not in Albany or NYC? If you’re interested in learning more about the make-up of the electricity that is delivered to your home or business, check out the EPA’s Power Profiler tool

Do your part in helping New York switch to greener power

Environmentally aware households and businesses may have qualms about the source of their electricity but not realize how easy and inexpensive (as little as $5/mo) it is to effectively boycott them. If you’re a New York resident who wants to ‘vote with your dollar’ to support cleaner energy, you can switch to a green power provider like Community Energy.

For over a decade, Community Energy has been developing clean energy projects across the northeast US thanks to the support of electricity customers who make the conscious decision to support clean energy. With customer support, for example, Community Energy was able to launch New Jersey’s first wind farm–the Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm, among numerous other large-scale wind and solar projects.