Community Energy Sells Kentucky Solar-Plus-Storage Project to Silicon Ranch

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – Earlier this year Tennessee-based Silicon Ranch acquired the Russellville project, expected to be one of the largest solar-plus-storage projects in Kentucky, from renewable energy developer Community Energy. The Logan County project will be a 173 MW solar generating facility with 120 MWh of battery storage. This investment highlights another milestone in solar-plus-storage projects providing much needed resiliency for grid operations. The addition of the battery storage technology to the Russellville project is a critical step forward for a cleaner and more efficient energy future for the State.

“Community Energy commends the leadership of Silicon Ranch to make the Russellville project one of the largest solar-plus-storage projects in Kentucky,” said Joel Thomas, Executive Vice President of Community Energy. “The Russellville project highlights the demand to bring renewable energy online at the most valuable times of the day.”

As the original developer of the project, Community Energy sought to partner with Silicon Ranch as an experienced project owner with roots in the Tennessee Valley.  During the construction period Silicon Ranch expects to hire more than 450 works and will be prioritizing hiring locally first. The project is expected to begin construction in 2022 and be operational in Fall 2023.

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About Community Energy

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Jay Carlis
Executive Vice President, Community Energy