Choosing a clean energy supplier in Massachusetts

There are lots of good reasons to switch to a clean energy supplier in Massachusetts. In fact, switching to a clean energy provider is one of the simplest things a Massachusetts resident can do to help build more clean energy plants and move their state away from its heavy reliance on gas-fired power plants. This article takes a closer look at power generation in Massachusetts and explains how Community Energy can help homes and businesses in the state to reduce their footprint.

Reasons to switch to a clean energy provider in MA

Massachusetts sources a sizable amount of its electricity from natural gas plants located all across the state. Just 2 years ago in 2011, almost 70% of the state’s electricity came from these plants, and since then this figure has not changed substantially. While not as CO2-heavy as coal-fired electricity generation (which accounts for the bulk of the US’s power generation), natural gas still produces a significant amount of carbon dioxide per unit of electricity. On top of the issues with generation are the ‘fugitive emissions’–not to mention other environmental impacts–associated with mining & extraction (sometimes through the infamous practice of ‘fracking’) of natural gas from underground reserves. (Read more: Is shale gas good or bad for climate change?)

Fortunately, Massachusetts is taking some important steps towards increasing the percentage of its power that comes from renewables–currently about 6% is sourced from hydroelectricity and biomass. The state also has allotments for other types of renewable energy in its Renewable Energy Target, which mandates that 15% of the electricity in the state come from renewable sources by 2020. The percentage of power coming from other fuel-free renewables–wind and solar–is still small, but growing quickly, thanks to government incentives and sinking cost points for both technologies as they become more common.

Be part of the solution: Switch to clean electricity with Community Energy

Massachusetts residents have the power to speed up this transition simply by changing over to renewable energy provider. Community Energy is a leading developer of renewable energy projects across the northeast US–including a solar plant that has just been commissioned in Berkley. The more people who sign up for our renewable energy with Community Energy, the more solar power, wind power, and other renewables we are able to build–in addition to the growth mandated by Massachusetts’s renewables target.

Some of our biggest projects outside of Mass are the Bear Creek Wind Farm and Keystone Solar Project in Pennsylvania, and the Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm off the coast of New Jersey. We also have a number of other wind and solar projects across the northeast.

How much will it cost to switch to clean energy?

It is possible for Massachusetts residents to make the switch to a cleaner energy supply for at little as $5/month through Community Energy. The sign-up process is simple and headache-free.

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What about solar panels? Will they work in Massachusetts?

Rooftop solar power is an excellent option for Massachusetts homes and businesses that want to to reduce their carbon footprint, lock in electricity rates for 20+ years, and improve their energy independence. Whether your roof and circumstances are well-suited for solar power depends on a number of factors, so a consultation is necessary to determine eligibility. If you’re interested, get in touch with our solar team to learn more: 1.484.654.2470.