Make this the Year of Clean Air and Water -- Buy 100% PA Renewable Energy

Bear Creek Wind Farm Cropped

The single most important thing you can do to fight air and water pollution and global warming is switch to clean, renewable energy.

That's why GASP (Group Against Smog & Pollution) has teamed up with Community Energy to create a special program for Duquesne Light customers. Give yourself the gift of clean air. Sign up today for 100% Pennsylvania-generated clean, renewable energy for your home and business, and receive one year of free membership with GASP.

Keystone Solar Farm

GASP has worked for cleaner air for the Pittsburgh area for almost 45 years.  Community Energy has built the wind and solar farms that have made our state a leader in clean energy. Now you can join that team, by choosing 100% locally-made Pennsylvania wind and solar power.

You will be making a great choice for the environment and you'll also:

  • help create jobs for Pennsylvanian's
  • support family farmers who host renewable energy projects
  • make our energy grid more secure, and
  • build our green energy economy


Duquesne Light Territory Offers

VARIABLE RATE: 12.87 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

100% Wind and Solar: 99% PA Wind, 1% Solar from the Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA

* No introductory fee, No cancellation fee, No binding contract, Rates subject to market conditions.


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Sign up today by calling 1.866.946.3123 with your current Duquesne Light account information or fill out the form below: