Community Energy and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability have teamed up to fight fracking and build a green utility for Pennsylvania!

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (DCS) wants to promote clean energy choices that are making a difference. Community Energy is Pennsylvania based, and committed to un-changing climate change. Most importantly our renewable energy is locally sourced from several projects that we developed and we are the only supplier that uses 100% of profits to build local solar projects. Every customer that switches to Community Energy on their electric bill helps us build new solar projects right here in Pennsylvania! Building new is crucial because if we do not build new renewable energy then we will continue to burn fracked gas and coal, simple as that.

Community Energy supports the efforts of DCS. For every new member Community Energy will make a donation to DCS so they can continue their efforts to keep our shared resources safe from big oil and gas.

DCS wants to see PA build a cleaner energy future. The commitment by DCS to fight fracking in PA is vital. PA is ground zero for our energy future. Will we compromise our shared resources by selling out to big oil and gas or will we fight to maintain fresh water, clean air and the aesthetic beauty of Penn’s Woods? The fight is on. Let’s show them what we’re made of. This is our land and we want renewable!

Product Details:

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PPL: 8.44 cents/kWh (Flexible Rate, Month-to-Month)

PECO: 8.15 cents/kWh (Flexible Rate, Month-to-Month)

5% Solar – Let’s Build Solar Together!

* 95% standard energy mix (fossil fuels and nuclear)
No introductory fee, No cancellation fee, No binding contract, Market variable rate.

Select Solar Builder electricity product to:

  • Build more fuel-free, clean solar power
  • Choose a local supplier that is invested in PA
  • Support the education of the next generation of clean energy leaders

Sign up today to support the fight against fracking and build more local solar projects in PA.