The Clean Air Council is non-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting everyone's right to breathe clean air. The Council was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.


Pennsylvania Customers,

Community Energy is Pennsylvania’s leading renewable energy developer and supplier, and has supplied Pennsylvanians clean energy for over ten years. A PA-based company, wepartnered with PECO to launch and supply the PECO WIND program since its inception. Now you can choose to switch to 100% Pennsylvania Wind and Solar Power from Community Energy, generated from projects right here in the state.


Benefits Of Choosing A 100% PA Product:

  • Promote energy independence in PennsylvaniaKeystone_sideview
  • Reduce your environmental impact and purify our local air and water
  • Stimulate the economy and build green jobs in Pennsylvania
  • Preserve vital agricultural land through smart land use


Territory Offers

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PPL: 13.29 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

PECO: 13.79 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

Duquesne Light: 12.87 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

West Penn: 11.99 cents/kWh (Variable Rate, Month-to-Month)

100% Wind and Solar: 99% PA Wind, 1% Solar from the Keystone Solar Project in Lancaster, PA


PPL: 9.49 cents/kWh (Flexible Rate, Month-to-Month)

PECO: 8.10 cents/kWh (Flexible Rate, Month-to-Month)

Let’s Build Solar Together.



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