Together with our community of customers and partners, we are energizing a sustainable world and building a clean energy future.

Community Energy Team at the Keystone Solar Dedication

Our mission is to ignite the market and develop the supply of fuel-free energy.

Community Energy is a clean energy company uniquely positioned on both sides of the supply-demand equation. We build solar and wind energy projects by engaging customers through products and services that make these projects possible. Since our founding in 1999, we've developed over 700 MW of wind and 650 MW of solar with the help of our more than 100,000 residential and commercial customers.

Largest Solar Farm in PA 2012

Bear Creek Wind Power

Waymart Wind Energy Center 2003

Jersey Atlantic Wind Farm Atlantic City, NJ

Company History

Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) was founded in 1999 to ignite the market and develop the supply of fuel-free energy. Under the leadership of its founders, CEI built the voluntary market for renewable energy, spurring the demand for hundreds of Megawatts of new wind generation ahead of state mandates. CEI currently delivers renewable energy to over 100,000 customers through direct sales and over 20 partnerships with electric utilities and suppliers. The company was awarded the American Wind Energy Association’s “Market-Maker” Award in 2002.

While leading the voluntary market for renewable energy, CEI also began developing wind farms. CEI was the lead developer and remains part owner of the high-profile 7.5 MW Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm in Atlantic City, NJ, the only wind farm in the state, in 2005. This project blends wholesale and retail electric markets by delivering half of its electricity output behind-the-meter directly to the facility that hosts the project and the other half to the grid. Also in 2005, Community Energy earned the Department of Energy’s “Green Power Supplier” Award. For a complete list of awards visit the Awards Page.

CEI built a $1.5 billion pipeline of over 500 MW additional utility-scale wind farms before being acquired by Iberdrola Renewables, the world’s largest renewable energy company at the time. CEI continued to grow its renewable energy marketing business under separate branding while Iberdrola absorbed its development team and project pipeline. In 2008, CEI founders Brent Alderfer and Eric Blank oversaw the construction of over 700MW of wind projects. For more information about CEI projects, visit the Projects Page.

In August 2009, CEI’s founders spun off the company from Iberdrola Renewables, returning the company to independent status to focus on the emerging solar energy market. In the winter of 2009-2010, CEI completed its first rooftop, behind-the-meter solar projects and began developing utility-scale solar projects. Community Energy has developed 40MW of solar and currently has a pipeline of  utility-scale solar projects in varying stages of development. For more information about current projects, visit the Newsroom.

Throughout its strong development history, Community Energy has helped finance renewable energy projects by marketing the benefits of renewable energy to residential and commercial customers. For over ten years, CEI has collaborated with partners and customers to communicate the value of their commitments to renewable energy. Such partners include electric utility companies and leading corporate brands. CEI’s green power programs regularly earn notable rankings on the nation’s top ten green power programs lists. Visit the Products Page to learn more about our clean energy customer offerings.