Choose 100% New York Wind Power!

Choosing ConEdison Solutions 100% New York WIND Power is one of the easiest and most effective ways for New Yorkers to reduce their environmental impact. Green-e certified WIND Power contains 100% New York wind power, supplied by Community Energy − the region’s leading wind energy marketer and developer.

 For as little as $5.00 per month, you can support the development of clean, renewable wind energy in New York State – it’s easy! Switch to ConEdison Solutions WIND Power option today.

fenner web circleWIND Power Pricing
100% NewWind Energy, 12-Month Fixed Price

17.42 cents/kWh (NYC)
14.93 cents/kWh (Westchester)

No cancellation fees. Charges appear directly on your ConEd bill. Term ends meter read date for September 2015.


Together we can make a difference! As more customers sign up, more fuel-free, locally-grown wind energy will be built in New York State. That choice means cleaner air, greater energy independence and a more secure energy future for everyone. Switch to ConEdison Solutions WIND Power option today.

Additional Info:

When you choose WIND Power from ConEdison Solutions, wind-generated electricity will be sent to the New York State power grid on your behalf for 100% of the electricity that you purchase. Your utility will continue to deliver your electricity just as they do now and will send your monthly bill, which will include this WIND Power price. There is no change in your electric service, and no contract or cancellation fee. Each year you will receive a certificate showing your yearly wind power purchase.


Terms and Conditions